Striving For Tranquility

Inspired by the desire to change my ways.
Inspired by desiderata and bright beautiful days.
With a humble heart, I bring you, “Striving For Tranquility”

Rise above the noise and hate, and float on a cloud of serenity. Absorb the tranquility found within silence.

Without compromising your morals and integrity, try to be on peaceful terms with everyone.

When you speak you repeat what you already know, when you listen you create an opportunity to grow. So listen to everyone, including the loud, aggressive, and vexations, for they too have the ability to teach, even if it’s how not to act.

In a world full of rapid change, be prepared to alter your course but not your focus. Embrace your plans and remember your achievements. Remain enthusiastic about your goals and always finish what you start.

Gain specialized knowledge in your business affairs and always research the answers before you ask the questions. If they can fool you, they can beat you. The world is full of trickery. Let this not discourage you. Stay alert and strive for high goals. The world constantly offers unlimited success.

Be yourself. Stay true. Do not feign for affection. Do not force love. For in the face of aridity and deception, the universe has a beautiful plan for you. Be patient.

Take kindly the wisdom of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.

Harness the strength found in good times to shield you in sudden misfortune. Do not stress over imaginings, just be prepared. Stress is a choice.

Always be gentle with yourself. Eat healthy, exercise, and get plenty of rest. Create your own pleasures and visit them often. In the face of adversity, stay positive.

You are a child of the Universe. Like all living creatures, you have a right to be here. Be kind and genuine, the universe will respond.

Be at peace with mankind, and whatever your passions and desires, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace within your soul.

With all its shame, violence, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.

Choose to focus on all the beauty. Surround yourself with positive people. And enjoy your existence on planet earth as a human being.

Steven Jennings


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