Another Visit With My Family

    I was sitting in the dayroom playing backgammon when the following words blaired over the PA system, “Will the following inmate report to visitation: Jennings 727504 H4.” I looked up at my buddy and said, “That’s me!” Then I jumped up and hauled ass to my cell. I grabbed my toothbrush, applied toothpaste, … Continue reading Another Visit With My Family


Rehabilitation, It’s My Choice

I’m always hearing people say things like: “DOC does not rehabilitate people” “DOC makes people worst off” “DOC doesn’t give a fuck!” Unfortunately, the people who say things like this are exposing their attitude towards life in general. Perception is reality. Prison is full of pessimism. Most of these guys in here focus on the … Continue reading Rehabilitation, It’s My Choice

Inspiration Rocks

What are they? They are small rocks from the prison yard. I bring them to my cell and paint them. Inspiration Rocks keep me focused throughout my day. It’s so easy to get caught up in some kind of BS in here. But with an Inspiration Rock constantly in my pocket, on my shelf, or … Continue reading Inspiration Rocks