Inspiration Rocks


What are they? They are small rocks from the prison yard. I bring them to my cell and paint them.

Inspiration Rocks keep me focused throughout my day. It’s so easy to get caught up in some kind of BS in here. But with an Inspiration Rock constantly in my pocket, on my shelf, or on my desk, it serves as a constant reminder to stay focused and on course.

These rocks really work! They help me incorporate positive attributes into my daily living. They act as a simple reminder to smile more, to be kinder, honest, and appreciative. They give me clarity on whatever I want to remain focused on. If I’m struggling in an area, I’ll grab that specific rock and it’ll help me be mindful to do the right thing.

For example, just the other day I caught a guy cheating in a card game. Everyone saw it and a big argument broke out. The cheater got defensive and hostile. I saw his blood pressure rise. So I left the table and went to my cell. I grabbed my rock that says “Quiet” on it. This inspired me to just simply be quiet.

If I am quiet, then I won’t get involved. The cheater won’t have any reason to direct his negativity towards me. I won’t get offended or feel disrespected. I won’t have to open a can of whoop ass on his bitch ass. See! Just thinking about the situation bothers me. Where’s my inspiration rock that says “Peace & Harmony” on it? 🙂

Each Inspiration Rock is hand crafted with love and care. Each word may inspire people in different ways. Here’s how they inspire me:

PeaceInspires me to be at peace with everyone in my life.

Redemption Inspires me to always look to redeem myself by conducting my actions in a kind, loving manner.

Understand Inspires me to be understanding towards all.

FocusInspires me to stay focused on my conduct, goals, and well-being. Stay focused on my inspiration rocks.

Integrity – Inspires me to conduct myself in a way that’s morally sound.

CommitmentInspires me to always finish what I start.

TrustInspires me to be trustworthy.

SpiritInspires me to keep a loving spirit about myself, to say & do kind things, and to create a positive aura about myself.

MindInspires me to keep good, wholesome, productive thoughts in my mind.

SoulInspires me to examine how I really feel below the surface. Are my unspoken thoughts morally sound?

PrincipalInspires me to stay focused on the morals & values that I base my life upon. Why am I doing something? How will it affect myself & others?

TruthInspires me to always be honest. Lying is a form of weakness.

LifeInspires me to cherish life one day at a time. Life is short. Keep what’s really important in perspective. Don’t sweat the small things.

LoveInspires me to look for opportunities to display love.

HonorInspires me to conduct myself with personal integrity.



8 thoughts on “Inspiration Rocks

          • Topaz says:

            No problem!

            I like to read about daily life in prison — things that may seem mundane to you, but to people like me, are very interesting. I also like how you write about de-escalating potentially violent situations.

            I have an extremely bad temper, and there have been times when I have acted out and hurt people. It’s just dumb luck that I’m not in jail or prison.

            Your positive situations inspire me to know that even I can change. I know my blog is religious and stuff, but it’s often so difficult to “do what Jesus would do” and all that. Religion alone can’t save us; we have to dig down deep and pull that strength out ourselves.

            Anyway, thanks for your inspiration.


            Liked by 1 person

          • Stone City Blog Network says:

            You’re absolutely right…change comes from within. It’s something you have to want for yourself. Stay focused, my friend, and always do what you know is right. The universe will respond and beautiful things will happen in your life. Your comment has inspired me to post this poem: Saved Sinners. Thank you.


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