My First Book

    Riots, violence, hustling, tattooing, shooting heroin, smoking weed, making pruno, revenge, love, family, redemption...this book has it all. Eighteen years into a 43 year sentence, Steven Jennings takes you inside this hidden society and truly exposes the realities of prison life. The images within the pages of Stone City are straight from the … Continue reading My First Book


Thank You Alana

    My sister Alana always makes time to come see me. When I was in AZ she flew from CA to see me on my birthday. Then she flew back home that night. I asked her, "Why spend all that time and money for just a few hours to visit?" She said, "Because it's … Continue reading Thank You Alana

Punked? Or An Opportunity To Grow?

Cardio class is every Mon, Wed, and Fri. I’ve been doing it for almost 4 years now. It’s basically a P90X workout. I challenge myself by doing it with the 15lb dumbbells. I’m the only one who does this. Some of the exercises we do are burpies and push ups. I do all these exercises … Continue reading Punked? Or An Opportunity To Grow?