Today Was A Great Day!

Today I sold my very first ebook of "Stone City: Life In The Penitentiary". And that first sale went to Dolphy "Blue" Jordan. Mad love to ya bro. Thank you. My goal is to sell 1 MILLION ebooks of "Stone City: Life In The Penitentiary". So here is my plea to all my all … Continue reading Today Was A Great Day!


Buy My eBook Today

    Steven Jennings is not a bad man. At least not anymore. But he’s done some pretty bad things in his life, the worst of which landed him behind bars serving a 43-year prison sentence. 18 years into his sentence, he’s learned a few things about prison—and about himself. For the first time, in … Continue reading Buy My eBook Today

Chapter 1

    Yukon Jack and a Single Shot 12 Gauge Please understand I love you all, but when people fuck with me, kill 'em. These were the last words I wrote in my journal before I committed a crime that landed me 43 years in prison. April 8th, 1994. I woke up at a buddy's … Continue reading Chapter 1

Pizza & Pie Stacked Sky High

It was about 8 am when an officer called me to his station. As soon as I walk up, I see a sly smile on his face. He says, “I need to look in your cell.” Right away I realize this is odd. Since when do they tell inmates that they’re about to do a … Continue reading Pizza & Pie Stacked Sky High

The Joys of Prison

Ah yes, the joys of prison. I was sitting in the dayroom playing cards, when all of a sudden, two guards came up to me. One said, “Mr. Jennings, come with us.” I said nothing. I set down my cards and stood up. The guards escorted me to the back of the unit. That’s where … Continue reading The Joys of Prison