The Next Bestseller Is Here…

    "Stone City: Life In The Penitentiary" jolts us from page one into a life and world filled with dire consequences. Steven Jenning's painfully raw initiation into a violent upbringing at age six leads him down a path of alcoholism, hatred, raging anger, and self-destruction. Imprisoned at age 20 with a 43 year sentence, … Continue reading The Next Bestseller Is Here…


My Prison Wedding

As you all know, I recently got married. I was surprised at how surprised some of you were. My Aunt Mindy didn’t even know I could get married while in prison. Mindy...thank you for your kind comment and your support. I cannot wait for my entire family to meet my wife! Well do you all … Continue reading My Prison Wedding


Can’t get enough? Never fear, Twitter is here. I’ve decided to start Tweeting. It will give you all a glimpse of my day-to-day thoughts, and even daily prison happenings that go on in here. Please follow me: @stonecitylife Thank you, Steven & Suzie Jennings

Gang Violence

    The most violent gangs in prison are by far the northern vs. southern Mexicans. The California prison system won’t even put these two gangs in the same prison. It’s either one or the other. But that’s not the case in WA DOC. The Washington prison system houses everyone together. Over the years I’ve … Continue reading Gang Violence

Love Conquers All

    Everybody has a voice. Everybody has an opinion. These voices and opinions have great range. The topic: Suzie & I getting married. The range: from love to hate. So why do some people love it, and others hate it? The situation is exactly the same to everyone. And that is: I married a … Continue reading Love Conquers All