Can’t get enough? Never fear, Twitter is here.

I’ve decided to start Tweeting. It will give you all a glimpse of my day-to-day thoughts, and even daily prison happenings that go on in here.

Please follow me: @stonecitylife

Thank you,
Steven & Suzie Jennings



4 thoughts on “@stonecitylife

  1. Lyle Allen says:

    Really looking forward to reading ur book. Ur mother has told me all about it & although I’ve been to prison(camps OCC, CCCC) twice (16 month each) I am truly intrigued by the experience’s of people behind the walls. Ur mother has made ur book out to be the “SHIT” & from what I’ve seen/read, it appears to have it all. Ur mother watches our child Lexxa. I am married to Darcy Enberg now Darcy Allen. We’ve also given Danny a job. Hope all is well & look forward to reading ur blogs. We r now followers.


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