Making Money

Making money is easy. I’ve been doing it for years. My society is different than yours in more ways than it’s similar. But there are similarities: Money. We all need it to live comfortably. The more we have, the more comfortable we are able to live. In this prison society I live in, I’ve always … Continue reading Making Money


I Love My Lady

Everybody desires that romantic notion of love. For years I fantasized about it. I was amongst demons, yet I dreamt of angels. Back then I had no desire or focus. One traumatic situation changed that. (read Chapter 19 of Stone City: Life In The Penitentiary) Today I am a man of great focus, desire, and … Continue reading I Love My Lady

Violence Prevention Field Day

Stafford Creek Correction Center (SCCC) has the lowest violence rate out of all major facilities in Washington State. I respect that and I make a significant effort to contribute. The administration of SCCC has put together a day of camaraderie and fun. The purpose: To promote the message of NO VIOLENCE, NO DRUGS, and POSITIVE … Continue reading Violence Prevention Field Day

The 12th Can

It’s 8 AM on a rainy Tuesday morning. I just cleaned my cell. Now I’m rinsing out my Seattle Seahawks trash can. It’s Seattle Seahawks because I clipped a Sports Illustrated magazine for all things Seahawks. Then I taped them to my gray waist can. I call it the “12th Can”. It’s the baddest bucket … Continue reading The 12th Can

Violence Is Never The Answer

When is it okay to spank your child, to slap their hand, to pull their hair, or to beat them with a stick? According to Adrian Peterson, and millions of others, these actions are okay if your child pushes down another child, or misbehaves. This topic angers me! It is NEVER okay to inflict pain … Continue reading Violence Is Never The Answer

Introducing New Blogs

Hi everyone! I’ve decided to start numerous blogs, each with a specific topic. Here are my first 3 new ones. Please check them out: Prison Violence A blog about the vulgar and violent ways of prison. Making Millions In Prison This blog will document my journey towards becoming a multi-millionaire. Real Love Letters A blog … Continue reading Introducing New Blogs

Talk the Talk…Walk the Walk

Hello. I hope everyone is having a great day. It is my true desire to be a peaceful loving man. I want to live in harmony with all things good. I want to display strong positive morals and values that will make my family proud. I want to be the best I can be. But … Continue reading Talk the Talk…Walk the Walk