Every Little Bit Helps

Hello Readers!

We are seeking funds to help kickstart our company Stone City Publishing LLC, and for our mini network of blogs. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. The money will go towards: website fee’s, domain names, advertising, marketing, phone calls, postage, etc.

Please make any donations via:


(use this email: stonecitypublishing@yahoo.com)

Every little bit helps.
Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Every Little Bit Helps

  1. uldissprogis says:

    You are a smart man with an unfortunate past. Thanks for becoming a follower. Use my blog material as a source for articles when you start running out of things to write about because I have written about most of the things important in life and then some. I apologize for not having an easier blog to navigate but keywords will often do the trick. Best wishes. Uldis

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