Two Poems

    Here is a poem I wrote back in the 1900's.....1997 to be exact. I remember it well. I was laying on my bunk staring at the ceiling...thinking...that I'm 24 years old with 39 years left to serve. I was also thinking about a girl I liked before I came to prison.   MY … Continue reading Two Poems


Being Too Loud In The Morning

    Some people just wake up in a bad mood. Especially in prison. So if your celly is a violent felon, you better beware of the things that’ll set him off.   As Tommy wakes up to a new day, he sits up in his bunk. He stretch’s out his arms and yawns. The … Continue reading Being Too Loud In The Morning

Day 30 In The Hole

    I am sharing the journal I kept while I did 7 months in the hole…   Dec. 25, 2008 @ 4am I spent a hour cleaning my floor with a bar of soap and a wash rag. Then I moved my mattress to the center of the floor. It's gotta be at least … Continue reading Day 30 In The Hole

Negative Comments Provide An Opportunity To Grow

    The Universe is perfectly balanced. Everything is out there....the good, the bad, and the ugly. The quality of your life depends on what you choose to focus on. For me, I choose love and understanding. If something doesn't serve me well, I ignore it. By doing so, I have more energy to focus … Continue reading Negative Comments Provide An Opportunity To Grow

March 2015 Newsletter

    Hello everyone! Here are just a few things that are going on this month at Stafford Creek Correction Center.   FUNDRAISER The Inside/Out Group is conducting another fundraiser. Proceeds from this is yet to be determined. Orders must be submitted by April 5th. Delivery date is Sunday May 17th. Here are the items: … Continue reading March 2015 Newsletter


    I recently got to spend 64 hours with my wife. That’s 8 visits, for 8 hours a pop! We held hands, smooched, and played games (she kicked my butt!). We spent hours talking about EVERYTHING! Our communication is so open and honest. I love that. I love her! As we were talking about blogging, … Continue reading Narcissism

Fart In The Chow Hall

    So you wanna break wind while everyone is enjoying a home cooked meal, huh? Alright you son-of-a-b*tch, I’ll see you in the yard!   Shane is a 28 year old skinhead from Idaho. He was in Washington State picking up a garbage bag full of hallucinogenic mushrooms (aka: shrooms). Before he could cross … Continue reading Fart In The Chow Hall