Sit In The Wrong Seat

    Convicts want to control as much as they can. Back in the day (prior to 2004), everyone sat in the same seat at the chow hall. New guys were constantly getting ran off until they found a seat that could be theirs day in & day out. This caused so much drama, that … Continue reading Sit In The Wrong Seat


Love Is Understanding

    At one point or another, we all get feelings of insecurities. My wife is no exception. Over the past two years she has voiced her concerns and insecurities. Compound that with anxiety and depression and you have a recipe for disaster. Suzie and I went through a phase where all her pent up … Continue reading Love Is Understanding

Using My Time In Prison Productively

    I've been in the Honor Unit for 8 weeks now. I love it! Things are going great. I'm in a clean cell and I have a good celly. I have a new job. I go around to all the units and pass out commissary (store). One privilege the Honor Unit offers is an 8 … Continue reading Using My Time In Prison Productively

The Hole

    I am sharing the journal I kept while I did 7 months in the hole:   Day 36 In The Hole 12-31-08 Coming to prison is kinda like dying. Except I'm still alive to see all the pain I've caused. And no one feels the pain more than a mother.     Day … Continue reading The Hole

My Shining Star

I love my beautiful wife and the way she articulates our love.

Suzie M. Jennings


I’ve heard many people refer to their spouses as their “rock.” It sounded good to me, so for a while I called my husband my rock, too.

But was I just copy-catting that phrase without truly knowing what it meant to me?

I know what my husband means to me. And when I think of him, he is sooo much more than a rock. So I found a more fitting metaphor that resonates with our love…

He is my shining star!

And I am his shining star, too.

Wikipedia says:

“…Binary and multi-star systems consist of two stars that are gravitationally bound, and generally move around each other in stable orbits. When two stars have a relatively close orbit, their gravitational interaction can have a significant impact on their evolution. Stars, especially when more distant, often appear to the unaided eye as a single point of light, and are then…

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Joe Writes His Wrongs

  I'd like to introduce you to Joe P. Guerrero. He is also an inmate blogging from prison. His blog is called :  Joe Writes His Wrongs Joe is an awesome inspiration and he's making the best of his time with something positive. He has goals and ambitions, just as I do.  We both are positive, like-minded men who are striving for success … Continue reading Joe Writes His Wrongs

Call Someone A Punk

    Prison has its own language. The word “punk” doesn’t seem all that bad. But call someone a “punk” in prison and you could be fighting in the blink of an eye. In prison, a punk is a prison b*tch.   Jason is serving 12 years for breaking into homes and selling cocaine. He’s … Continue reading Call Someone A Punk