Another Prison Cell Search

    As I came back from the gym, I walked into my cell only to find it in shambles. Dry rice and oatmeal was all over the floor. All my papers and file folders were scattered everywhere. My shelves were completely trashed. And all my clothes were in a pile on the floor. The … Continue reading Another Prison Cell Search


Making Love In Prison

    I fantasize everyday about the very first conjugal visit I’ll have with my beautiful wife in March 2017. Here’s a little daydream glimpse into my anticipation...   It's the night before my very first EFV with Suzie. I can't believe I'm about to finally be physically intimate with my wife. I've been waiting … Continue reading Making Love In Prison

This Is My Table

    I recently moved from B-Pod to A-Pod. Yes, I’m still in the honor unit, but I just switched pods. I am now in a comfortable cell with a good celly. His name is Nick. He is doing 10 years for first degree assault. My first morning here, I woke up and brought out … Continue reading This Is My Table

The H-6 Nationals Lose!!!

    We lost our 2nd softball game. The score was 17-18. We never should've lost that game. We were winning 7-1 after the first inning. Then 10-2 after the second inning. I have to admit, it was a good game. But we never should've lost! Here's what happened: Last game when we won, I … Continue reading The H-6 Nationals Lose!!!

Help Unite Us For 1 Month

    My wife & I are seeking funds so we can spend 1 month together. Please check out our fundraiser...   Every love story is beautiful in its own way. In some stories, the way the couple met is the unique point, for others, it is the way they overcame all odds to be together. … Continue reading Help Unite Us For 1 Month

Revenge Stinks

    Brazil is a 52 year old inmate who's been in and out of prison for the last 25 years due to addiction and dealing drugs. Mark is a 47 year old Mormon who's in for several counts of child molesting. He said God told him to do it. Brazil and Mark are cellies. … Continue reading Revenge Stinks

Please Keep Us In Your Prayers

    I have seen the power in prayer. Through this blog, I've seen real fellowship and the cultivating of a loving community. This blog and the people who follow, have really helped change my life. The inspiration, encouragement, and prayers have been an undeniable force in my life. I embrace all contributing factors with … Continue reading Please Keep Us In Your Prayers