Softball Games 6, 7, & 8




We finished the season strong, winning our last three softball games:

21-6 vs H3 Diamondbacks
14-7 vs G1 Cardinals
28-3 vs H5 Pirates

Our team is the #2 seed entering the playoffs.

I have this team dialed in and ready to make a championship run! I have all the best players in the right positions and our batting order is strong. I had to fire another guy due to his constant bad attitude.

There’s a lot of drama and challenges that come with coaching prison softball. But I welcome it all. It gives me an opportunity to deal with difficult personalities and to improve my communication skills.

It allows me to lead by example as I remain poised and positive during the emotional heat of competition.

Even though we lost two games this season, and my goal was to go undefeated, I still believe we will win the championship.

Those two losses showed me exactly what needed to be fixed. And I did my best to fix our problem areas. Not everyone agreed with my remedies. But through it all, I stayed true to myself and my philosophies.

Now it’s GO TIME! The playoffs are single elimination!

May the best team win.
Wish me luck.



Steven Jennings


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