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Suzie Comes To Visit

    She defecates in the wilderness then wipes with stinging nettles. She eats things that would make a billy-goat puke. She has learned to ignore cold temperatures, frost bite, and pain…for she IS Suzie Marie Jennings!   Okay okay, perhaps the above is a slight exaggeration. But I have to acknowledge the relentless dedication … Continue reading Suzie Comes To Visit

As I Understand It

    The spirit within me is God. Therefore, I am my own God. I decide if I want to create an Almighty Living Spirit within my being. There is no outside divine nature that dictates anything. Everything comes from within. The Spirit within me, which I have cultivated and created, represents Wholeness. It is … Continue reading As I Understand It

2015 Newsletter

    SCCC EVENTS: The Inside Out Group hosted a fundraiser on Aug. 8th. Inmates got to order outside food, such as: chicken, pie, ice cream, and soda. Seminar – An “Overcoming Life’s Addictions” seminar was held on Aug. 19th. This seminar was based on the book, “At The Altar of Sexual Idolatry” by Steve … Continue reading 2015 Newsletter

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Suzie Jennings
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