Newsletter 2015

    "If it is to be, it is up to me."   HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! I love this time of year. Sure, I wish I could be out there with my family & loved ones, but that just isn't possible for me. So I choose to focus on all the good food and wonderful … Continue reading Newsletter 2015


RIP Mike Lindsey

    Mike Lindsey had a larger than life personality. He was always laughing and joking around. When I heard he passed away, I couldn't believe it. I fought back tears. My heart goes out to his family and friends. Mike was a kind and compassionate man. He danced and sang at holiday events. And … Continue reading RIP Mike Lindsey

My 3rd NA Meeting

    The topic of this meeting was "Recovery¬†& Relapse". My issue isn't with drugs anymore. It's with treating people with dignity and respect. It's with keeping my words kind and uplifting. Therefore, when I succeed at this, I view it as a form of RECOVERY from an otherwise destructive and negative lifestyle. NA has … Continue reading My 3rd NA Meeting

My 2nd NA Meeting

    Once again, as I sat at this meeting, I struggled to identify with certain aspects. Such as : "I'm an addict. My life has become unmanagable due to drugs. My entire life revolved around getting drugs and doing drugs." This has never been the case with me, yet it is the main theme … Continue reading My 2nd NA Meeting