Prison Store Sells Addictive Drug To Inmates (part 2)

    A drug is a drug. Addiction is addiction. NA teaches that an addict's whole life and thinking is centered in drugs in one form or another. Their life is controlled by drugs. The NA program also teaches that it doesn't matter what or how much an addict uses. If you can't manage your … Continue reading Prison Store Sells Addictive Drug To Inmates (part 2)


My 11th NA Meeting

    This NA post is about the 12th principal in Chapter 4: HOW IT WORKS. It says,   "Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to addicts, and to practice these principals in all our affairs."   When I translate and apply this to … Continue reading My 11th NA Meeting

OCD, A Hairy Dog, And A Prison Cell

    I keep my prison cell immaculate. Everything has its place. Cosmetics are lined up perfectly, labels out, finger width apart, from tallest to smallest. Shoes lined up perfectly, one inch apart. Clothes neatly hung, starting with pants, ending with shirts and a coat. Buttons and zippers facing out. Socks, underwear, t-shirts, and towels, … Continue reading OCD, A Hairy Dog, And A Prison Cell

My 10th NA Meeting

    As I sit in these meetings, I look for principles and philosophies that will serve me in the NOW. Meeting #10 offered me just that as we read from chapter 4, titled "HOW IT WORKS". There are 12 principles within this chapter. Principle #10 really stood out to me. It says:   "We continue … Continue reading My 10th NA Meeting

Stop With The Demands!

    I love my wife with all my heart. She is such a sweet, gentle person. Words alone cannot adequately express my love for her. But my actions can. From day one, I promised her my very best. However, there were times I failed. My failure was a result of me making demands of my wife, and … Continue reading Stop With The Demands!

A Would-Be Quarrelsome Wife

    This woman and I actually started the process of getting married back in 2011. Out of respect for her, I'll call her "Rose." On 12/22/11, I got my first letter from Rose. She found me on By 1/25/12, I was getting letters from her that read in part, "Yes, of course I … Continue reading A Would-Be Quarrelsome Wife

Influential Books

    I've already done 21 years of a 43 year prison sentence. I've spent many nights laying in the dark, wondering WHY? HOW? Why me? How did this happen? Why did I do the things I did? How did certain thoughts enter my mind? And why did I act on them? The process of … Continue reading Influential Books