July 6th, 2016

Hello my sweet darling,

You’re constantly on my mind. I love you with all my heart and soul.

How are you sleeping out in the wilderness? Do you hear Wolves and Coyotes howling? Have you been a little afraid at times?

I’m so proud of you. Your courage and strong will is admirable. As you continue on your journey, take the time to reflect on the importance of balance. Specifically, the balance between work, love, and leisure.

A healthy, happy, positive, productive lifestyle always has a strong sense of balance. When we communicate with each other, we need that same balance. Our topic of conversation needs to be balanced and diverse.

We need to talk about WORK, our blogs, getting followers, selling ebooks, publishing more ebooks, etc. We need to talk about LOVE, romance, family, fantasies, making babies, EFV activities, ect. We need to talk about the LEISURE activities in our lives, what’s going on, and how we’re feeling.

Balance baby…BALANCE!


Here is my prayer for us:

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please help us to be balanced in our lives. Help us to find the right priorities in life. Help us to act upon the things that serves us and others well. Help us to love each other in a way that is pleasing to the creator of love!




  1. Michael Moore says:

    Balance is so very important! As my own beloved completes her road trip from Alabama to Colorado with a dear friend and her daughter, it has been a time for balance with work, travel, spotty Internet and cell signal… She comes home tonight!


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