Thanksgiving In The Joint (part 2)

    After reading an email from my sweet wife about what she is thankful for, I realized that my previous Thanksgiving post was incomplete. I failed to mention the things that I am thankful for. I'm thankful for having such a wonderful family. Starting with my wife. She is so incredibly kind and loving. Her dedication & … Continue reading Thanksgiving In The Joint (part 2)


STONE CATCHERS: The Alchemist (part 2)

    As you may recall, when I first started to read this book I wanted to throw it against the wall and then roll over and go to sleep. But I refrained and gave it a chance. And boy am I glad I did. This book is giving me things that I'll keep for … Continue reading STONE CATCHERS: The Alchemist (part 2)

Thanksgiving In The Joint (part 1)

Football started at 9:30am and continued throughout the day. I loved that! At 10am, they served brunch. We had: Cold Cereal (Reece Puff) Belgian Waffles Fresh Danish Scrambled Eggs Turkey Sausage Links White and Chocolate Milk After brunch I came back to my cell and slipped into a bran new sweat suit. Then I crawled up … Continue reading Thanksgiving In The Joint (part 1)

STONE CATCHERS: The Alchemist (part 1)

    This book has me conflicted. The message is great. But the delivery of the message sucks. So I'll focus on what I'm getting out of this book as it relates to my journey of becoming a successful, happy, multi-millionaire. The first is HOPE. When ''The Alchemist'' was first published, it only sold two … Continue reading STONE CATCHERS: The Alchemist (part 1)

Help Wanted: Incentive Marketing Program

    We're looking for someone who can expose my ebook "Stone City: Life In The Penitentiary" to millions of people worldwide. For more details please contact us. Thank you.   Steven Jennings

I Need To Know

  Why do you follow this blog? What would you like to see more/less of? Please take a moment and answer these questions. It is my desire to make this blog better for you. Thank you.   Steven Jennings

Clinton Calls Trump Supporters “Deplorable”

    Remember when Hillary Clinton used the term "deplorable" when she referred to Trump supporters? Well, she was right. There are deplorable people mixed in with Trump supporters. But WOW!!! Look at what her ''deplorables'' are doing? Violence, hate crimes, racist graffiti, vandalism, rioting, all over the country! It just goes to show that … Continue reading Clinton Calls Trump Supporters “Deplorable”