Introducing Maverick

This is Maverick. He's a 8 month old Belgian Malinois. He stands 27" from floor to shoulder. He weighs 67 lbs. I'll have him for approximately 10 weeks. I don't know much about his life this far. All I know is he is super sweet, and very gentle. Absolutely zero signs of aggression. Very attentive … Continue reading Introducing Maverick


The Adventures of Willy

Hello. My name is Willy. I'm a 1-year-old Blue Heeler. I'm 20" tall, and I weigh 44 lbs. I'm smart, hardy, independent, tenacious, energetic, and untiring. I am among the most responsive and obedient of dogs. But you have to understand my breed and what I was bred for. I'm a cattle dog. I was … Continue reading The Adventures of Willy

I Hate Religion, But I Love The Teachings of Jesus

  Over the past few months I've been struggling. I stopped blogging. I almost got in a fight. My blog domains expired. I've been treating my wife badly. I quit Stone Catchers again. I quit my cardio class. I'm not a millionaire yet. I'm frustrated and I have low tolerance towards my peers. I'm resentful, judgmental, … Continue reading I Hate Religion, But I Love The Teachings of Jesus

Immaculate Obedience: How To Train Any Dog

When it comes to dog training, there are several techniques and philosophies. Some definitely work better than others. IMMACULATE OBEDIENCE is a practical guide to the most effective dog training in the world. And that is: positive reinforcement treat training. IMMACULATE OBEDIENCE is a concise, no nonsense, straight to the point, guide for any dog … Continue reading Immaculate Obedience: How To Train Any Dog