Introducing Maverick

This is Maverick. He's a 8 month old Belgian Malinois. He stands 27" from floor to shoulder. He weighs 67 lbs. I'll have him for approximately 10 weeks. I don't know much about his life this far. All I know is he is super sweet, and very gentle. Absolutely zero signs of aggression. Very attentive … Continue reading Introducing Maverick


The Adventures of Willy

Hello. My name is Willy. I'm a 1-year-old Blue Heeler. I'm 20" tall, and I weigh 44 lbs. I'm smart, hardy, independent, tenacious, energetic, and untiring. I am among the most responsive and obedient of dogs. But you have to understand my breed and what I was bred for. I'm a cattle dog. I was … Continue reading The Adventures of Willy

Immaculate Obedience: How To Train Any Dog

When it comes to dog training, there are several techniques and philosophies. Some definitely work better than others. IMMACULATE OBEDIENCE is a practical guide to the most effective dog training in the world. And that is: positive reinforcement treat training. IMMACULATE OBEDIENCE is a concise, no nonsense, straight to the point, guide for any dog … Continue reading Immaculate Obedience: How To Train Any Dog

Willy: The Blue Heeler

    After 6 months I finally got another dog. And this one is awesome! His name is Willy. He is a Blue Heeler (aka: Australian Cattle Dog). The only thing I know about Willy is that he's a DOC drop-out. That means he was training to become a drug sniffing dog, but didn't make … Continue reading Willy: The Blue Heeler

Dogs Help Children Develop Strong Immune Systems

    Did you know that children who live with dogs are more likely to be healthier than those who don't. Children with dogs get more exercise than children who live without dogs? They also spend more time laughing and being happy. But wait, it gets better! According to numerous studies, children with dogs in … Continue reading Dogs Help Children Develop Strong Immune Systems


  Its been an honor and a privilege working with Rolo over the past 10 weeks. He taught me just as much as I taught him. The graduation ceremony takes place in the visiting room. The center of the room is cleared out, and all the tables and chairs are set up around the perimeter. … Continue reading ROLO GRADUATES!

Adopting A Dog

    Adopting a dog will change your life. I know because it has changed mine. I don't actually adopt, I just work with dogs and get them ready for adoption. In doing so, I reap tremendous life changing benefits. I'm in a program called Freedom Tails. For 10 weeks I live with a dog … Continue reading Adopting A Dog