Day 12

Jesse already left for work. I didn’t hear him take Willy out. I assume he didn’t. I should probably get up. The latest I can stay in bed is 8am, because thats when I have to report to work. Just because I report to work doesn’t mean I have to immediately start working. I can report to work, then take Willy out, then start working.
My schedule is pretty relaxed. As long as I get the job done, its all good.
Like I said, I should probably get up. But first, let me get some Willy love.
“Willy, come!”
He jumps up on the chair and puts his face by mine. He tries to lick my face. I don’t let him.
I massage his ears and head as I say, ”Good morning buddy. I love you. Oh you’re such a good boy. Yes you are. Your a good boy.”
I kiss the sides of his muzzle as I scratch under his jaw and neck.
He moans with pleasure. His moans are the cutest things ever. I’ve never had a dog quite like Willy.
“Okay, off!”
Willy jumps down.
I sit up and click on my lamp.
”Willy, mat!”
He goes 3/4 of the way onto his mat.
”All the way, Willy, all the way, mat!”
He backs up all the way onto his mat.
”Good boy, Willy” I praise him from up on my bunk.
”Willy, down!” I say as I give the hand cue.
Willy lays down.
I jump down and bear hug him. He rolls on his side, then on his back. I motorboat his neck and face. He loves it! It drives him crazy and pushes him into full play mode. I jump up off him.
“Willy, where’s your toy? Get your toy?”
He runs in his crate and comes out with his pink handball. (Its actually a racquet ball, but in prison everyone calls them handballs.)
”Willy, drop it!”
He does, right in my hand.
I spike it hard against the floor. It bounces back and forth from the floor to the ceiling before it hits the light and shoots off to the side. Willy goes bonkers and chases after it.
I hope I’m not being too loud for the neighbors. It crosses my mind, so I chill out.
I look at my watch, its 7:58.
”Willy, crate!”
He goes in. I lock it. Why? Because its the rules. When no one is in the cell, all dogs are to be secured in their crates.
I leave my cell and go to the officers station that’s located in the middle of the dayroom. The officer is sitting there eating a jelly filled powered donut and drinking coffee from a Dunkin Donuts cup. I say, ”Jennings, reporting to work.”
He says, ”Okay” as he tries to catch a piece of donut that flys from his mouth.
The soggy blob of donut lands on his counter. He wipes it up with his finger and eats it. I walk away shaking my head, unbelievable! I’m going to get Willy.
I walk in my cell and open the crate. Willy stays, just as he’s trained to do.
I only make him wait ten seconds before I say, ”Willy, come!”
He comes running slipping and sliding to me. He can’t get to me fast enough.
”Good boy, Willy. Wanna go outside?”
He immediately sits. Because he knows the process. I never hook the leash to him until he sits. ”Good boy Willy.”
We heel and sit all through the unit. Willy’s obedience is immaculate. He obeys flawlessly. When he heels, there’s slack in the leash and he stays in position. The second I stop, he sits.
We get outside.
”Willy, break!”
Within seconds Willy is peeing.
As soon as he’s done I praise him, ”Good boy, Willy.”
”Willy, go poop!”
He’s sniffing around, looking for a good place to go.
I keep saying, ”go poop” until he goes. As he’s doing it I say, ”Go poop, good boy!” The second he’s done, I throw him a party. He gets a ton of praise, a hand full of kibble, and now we can play.
Back in the cell we play and train. I teach him how to catch. I teach him the difference between ”crate” and ”mat”. Everyday we continue to work on the things he knows. Everyday Willy gets better and better as he learns more and more. The key to IMMACULATE OBEDIENCE is consistency.